Friday, March 2, 2012

Does God Send Flyers?

I've written before about the Family Missions Company (FMC) and how I feel as though God is leading our family to their family.   I wrote about going to their retreat house for their weekly Formation which is basically sharing a meal and then sharing the Word.  We really felt we were being called to do missionary work, but after that first night we decided that we were being called to be missionaries right here at home.  There was just no way that we could do what these people do.  Sell everything, leave behind everyone, and follow Christ---that only happened in the Bible and to REALLY holy people, not us.

The message that night, we thought, was clear, "We are ALL called to be missionaries.  We are to bring the Word of God to others where ever we are." Easy enough.  We could do that.  We already do that, sort of.  We had just recently made a Faith Renewal weekend together and had both just made a Cursillo.  We felt we were being "called" to be missionaries through these two wonderful movements.  We listened to people around us talk about how great it would be to have such "a strong, YOUNG, couple" to be a part of these ministries.  Our heads got a little bloated when we heard YOUNG and a little more bloated when they praised our strong faith and family life.  So, we decided to concentrate on being missionaries at home.

Thinking that it was God calling us to be "role models" for other couples, we decided to sign up for a couple's retreat cruise that was being offered by our Diocese.  This would give us a chance to "getaway" alone; something we haven't done in a very long time, but it would also help us to help other couples which we thought was our "mission."  The priest going is wonderful.  The couple putting on the retreat played a big part in the changing of our married life, and the wife played a huge role in my own personal awakening about my role as wife.  This was going to be perfect for us!

So, we were all set last Friday to sign up and pay our deposit as soon as our tax refund came in.  Saturday led us to the Adoration Chapel where I got this feeling that we weren't suppose to be going on that cruise.  I went back and forth about what we were suppose to be doing; where we were supposed to be going; what were we being called to do.  In the back of my mind, there was FMC.  So, for nearly an hour I sat begging God to show us what He wanted us to do, what He had been preparing us for these past few years of dramatic change.  All I kept hearing was, "Feed My Sheep."  Over and over again, "Feed My Sheep."  I asked a million questions, "What sheep? Where are they? Who are they?"  Nothing.  Just "Feed My Sheep". 

Finally, being a little frustrated, I told Him that He was going to have to be more specific.  Again, FMC in the back of my mind.  Still not enough, we were going to need a definite "sign".  It was going to have to be a clear as day.  We couldn't just pick up and move to another country.  I continued with lots of "What about....?"  The doorbell rang.  The next Adorer was there.  I got up still not happy that God did not answer my questions.  I made one last plea for a sign, bowed to Him, and left.

As we pull into the driveway, we stopped to grab the mail.  My husband hands it over to me and continues up the drive to the house.  I glance down and find a pamphlet folded in half labeled SERVE on the outside.  I unfold it to discover that it's the FMC newsletter.  My heart raced as I glanced inside at the different articles.  Everyone scattered in different directions outside as I took the newsletter inside.  I sat in the quiet of the house and read the answer to each one of the questions I had asked in that Adoration Chapel earlier that day. 

Does God Send Flyers?

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