Saturday, December 14, 2013

What Blessed Me the Most in Mexico

At the end of all FMC mission trips, each person is asked to reflect on three questions:
  1. What are you going to leave behind?
  2. What are you going to take with you?
  3. What blessed you this most on this trip?
I was so sick on that last week that all I could think about was leaving behind the sickness and the cold weather and taking home a new appreciation for health and heat.  But as I got to the third question, I immediately perked up and became overwhelmed with emotion.  I knew exactly what had blessed me the most during this trip---my husband's and kids' sharing of their testimonies.

A year and a half ago on our first trip to General Cepeda, none of us were very enthusiastic about sharing our testimony with anyone much less people who didn't even speak our language.  On our second trip last Thanksgiving, Travis and I were a little better about sharing our faith journey with others.  But on this trip, Travis was eager to share his story with the Mexican men of the ranchos we visited.  He was truly a man on a mission.  He wanted all these men to understand the important role that they were called to play in their family's journey to Heaven.

By the third week, our kids were ready to share how God had worked in their lives.  Listening to their stories about their own personal faith journeys brought tears to my eyes.  Remembering the tough times and looking back at how God had worked in each situation through their eyes is what blessed me the most on this particular trip.

I hope they bless you in some way....

Isaac telling about how God may take away good things, 
but replaces them with better things.

Philip sharing about his adoption and baptism.

Emily sharing about how her faith grew 
when we began homeschooling.

Olivia sharing her story of her hemangioma 
and the healing power of prayer.