Monday, January 9, 2012

Why Homeschool?

In the few months that we've been homeschooling, I've noticed that when I tell people we home-school there are two types of reactions.  The person immediately looks at my kids with a pitiful, "I'm so sorry" look and give me the "Are you crazy?" look OR they smile and say "Wow!  That's awesome."   Both types immediately begin to question the kids about their feelings about being home-schooled.

I've also noticed that the person's initial reaction affects how my kids answer their questioning.  If their reaction was negative or they ask their questions with wrinkled noses, my kids are very reserved with their answers.  They will put their head down and say things like, "It's ok."  Or if the person was really negative towards homeschooling, I have one that will agree that it's horrible.  On the other hand, if a person reacts positively about homeschooling, my kids will excitedly tell them all the great things they have learned.  They will talk about how much they like being home. 

The best is when they try to question my dear husband about how he likes having his kids home-schooled.  As if, I made the decision all by myself, and he, like the kids, were forced into this crazy idea.  His response is always the same, "I love it!  I haven't had to do laundry since!"

But the question everyone always asks is "Why?" so, here's my Top Ten List:

1.  We are the first and most important teachers of our of children---the Bible says so.

2.  We are able to instill our faith, morals, and values all day long and do not have to undo what was learned at school from others.

3.  We set the examples by which we want them to follow and train them to be leaders.

4.  We choose what they learn and when they learn it, or what they don't learn.

5.  We choose who they will socialize with and when, and we don't have to worry about what they learn on the playground.

6.  We teach things you don't learn in elementary school---cooking, sewing, pet care, knitting, woodworking, laundry, etc.

7.  We can move at a faster pace, because we don't have to wait for next week's test if we know it now.

8.  No time is wasted during the day waiting for others, standing in line, etc.

9.  We can take off whenever we want and go on meaningful family field trips.

10.  We spend more time together as a family and with extended family members learning and growing with each other building strong relationships.


  1. Melissa - I believe we could have a better USA if more families spent even half as much time with their children as you and Travis do. Especially the daily teachings of morals and religion. Most schools have become too PC saturated and definitely not enough time spent on reading, writing. arithmatic, geography and history. Leave the rest to the parents and give teachers some room for dicipline. Of course this is just my opinion and how I grew up with both parents working. I think I turned out o.k. Sandy in California