Wednesday, January 11, 2012

What's My Day Like?

After the "Why?" with the wrinkled nose, the next question usually asked is "How do you do it?" or "What do you do all day?"  Well, here's my day Monday-Thursday.

 5:00 am    Alarm goes off.  I turn it off.

 5:30 am    Second alarm goes off.  I get up and wake the kids up.
                 Travis is usually gone already.
                 We say morning prayers and get dressed for Mass (M, W, F).
                 T & TH we sleep an extra hour!

 6:00 am    Leave for Mass

 6:25 am    Mass

 7:10 am     Drop Philip off at school and then pick up my extras for the day.

 7:30 am    Arrive back home.
                 Get extra homeschoolers started on their day.
                 I cook breakfast while kids tend to horses and morning chores.  

 8:00 am   Liturgy of the Hours: Morning Prayer

 8:30 am   Feed the baby

 9:00 am   Quiz kids on memory work, help as needed, and do laundry.

11:00 am   Noon Prayers/Lunch Time/PE/Feed the baby

12:00 pm   Continue with school work, household chores, etc.

 2:00 pm   Finish up school stuff.
                Music, Drawing, Piano, Cooking (supper), Feed the baby, etc.

 3:00 pm   Extras begin to leave.  Free Time.

 5:00 pm   Kids do evening chores while I get supper finished.

 6:00 pm   Supper, Baths, Family/Free Time (movie night, game night, etc.)

 8:00 pm   Night Prayer

 8:30 pm   Lights out for kids.  Quiet time for parents!!

Yes, it a full day, but there's no homework once the school day is done or housework left besides dinner dishes after 1:00 pm.  There's no place to rush off to after school or work---no practices, meetings, etc. unless we decide to go somewhere together.  Yes, we get up early, but we go to bed early and probably get more sleep than others.

No, it doesn't run smoothly on schedule everyday which is one of the benefits of homeschooling---we don't have to stay on schedule everyday! 

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