Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Seilhan Funny Farm

Some of you may be wondering why my URL address is seilhanfunnyfarm, but my blog title is Better or Worse and really hasn't been funny at all.   Well, my blog spot was set up years ago right after moving from town to the country.  After a few months, we began calling our place the Seilhan Funny Farm due to a large number of "adventures" that weren't really funny at the moment to us, but seemed to entertain our friends and family.  So, I created my blogspot thinking that I was going to be writing about the not-so-funny adventures at the Seilhan Funny Farm.  Well, I never really found the time to actually sit down during those years to write about our adventures.  Last week, I was reminded of one of those adventures and looking back I realized that it was all part of God's plan in my life. 

It was always my husband's dream to move out to the country and have animals like he had when he was a boy.  I wasn't really a country gal, but not really a city gal either, so it really didn't matter to me where we lived.  My problem was the animal part.  I am not a fan of animals at all!  I know they are part of God's creation and are really beautiful and unique in their own way.  I love looking at them---from afar.  I certainly don't care to have them as pets.  They smell.  They make a mess.  They cost money.  I knew that with my husband's work schedule, I was going to have to take care of them when he was gone.  So, I made a deal with him.  "When you get a job that allows you to be home every night, I will move to the country."  And if you read my last post, God listened to our prayers, and he was offered a job that allowed him to be home every night.  At that point I had to live up to my end of the deal.  I even helped look for a new place, and low and behold, I'm the one that discovered the ad in the paper for our new country home.

My husband called and got the address, and we headed out to look at the place.  The property was beautiful---slightly hilly land with lots of trees and a HUGE barn in the back.  The only drawback was this tiny little pink farmhouse.  Could we fit all of us in this house?  We pulled into the driveway and saw a very old brick patio around a tree in the back of the house and a screened in porch.  Yes, I could definitely see lots of family BBQs on that patio.  So, we ventured inside to find a very old, outdated TWO bedroom, ONE bath house.  There was no way we could all fit in this house without killing one another, but we sure were going to try!

Anyway, after several years of remodeling and adding on, we are finally settled in and are comfortable.  We still have a long list of things that need to be done, but nothing that can't wait.  As I look back at all of the happenings at Seilhan Funny Farm, most of these adventures caused the same pattern for me.  They caused me much irritation, frustration, and many times anger.  Then later that adventure led to laughter.  Now that I sit and look back on them, I can see how much we not only learned as a family but grew as a family.  With each mishap, trial, adventure, we learned to rely on God a little more each time.  I can see how all of these hardships were actually little blessings along our journey.  Even chasing the donkey at 7:00 am in my PJs and rubber boots helped to lead me closer to where I am today.

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  1. Where are the posts about the move and the beginnings of the farm? :-)