Sunday, March 16, 2014

Kids ARE the BEST Missionaries

From the first time we stepped foot into a Family Missions Company function, we've heard that phrase over and over.  I knew it was true when our kids jumped right in to mission life on our very first mission trip to Mexico while Travis and I were a little more cautious about EVERYTHING.

Here in the Philippines, our kids continue to amaze us each and every day.  I am so humbled by the way they just jump right in and serve without flinching, blinking, or thinking twice.

I have watched them as they picked up small toddlers that are bottomless (no diaper or shorts) without thinking twice when the child ran up to them with arms outstretched.  I have watched them sit next to hardened criminals at the jail and not flinch when they begin to ask them questions.  I have watched them continue to carry bags of gravel up and down steep hills after falling and getting hurt.  I watched as the shirt they were wearing was used as a Kleenex by a small child.  I watched as they gave away the snack that they just purchased for themselves.  I have watched them give away their clothes to others who needed it more.

But this week really made my heart melt and helped me to realize just how awesome raising your kids in missions is...

This week a group of nursing students came to Malaybalay for a short term medical mission trip.  While the other kids were running around and playing, I found Emily helping some of the missionaries as they shampooed all the kids from the community that were infected with lice.  I had wanted my girls to stay clear of that area for fear of them getting lice, but Emily had no fear.  She saw that help was needed and just jumped right in without being asked or without giving it a second thought.  After shampooing, she sat down with the little girl and picked out all the lice and eggs. I can't imagine any 12 year old girl that would chose to do this.  It was a task that I had tried to avoid, but after seeing Emily's example  I, too, jumped in to help.  She taught me the true meaning of service that day.

Here is Isaac and our friend's son, King.  King had been sick for two weeks, running fever off and on and having severe headaches.  After a visit to the doctor last week, he needed to be admitted to the hospital to have tests run.  When I sent a text to check on him, I found out that he was scared and wanted Isaac there to hold his hand while they put the IV in.  We were on a fun outing with the short term medical mission group, and Isaac was looking forward to the next stop which was showing them the native shops and letting them try some of the native foods followed by a game of dodge ball.

But when he heard that King wanted him there to hold his hand, he said, "Let's go."  He didn't even think twice about missing out on the fun.  We arrived at the hospital and found King and his mom outside the ER.  He had cried so much that she had decided to just take him home, but when he saw Isaac he got a little brave.  We went inside, and Isaac held his hand while several of us held him down so the nurse could start the IV.  After the IV was started, Isaac crawled into the bed with King and laid with him until he fell asleep. 

KIDS truly ARE the BEST MISSIONARIES and mine have taught me so much about serving the poor since we have been here.  I hope to one day be able to serve as they serve, see as they see, and love as they love.

“Amen, I say to you, unless you turn and become like children,* you will not enter the kingdom of heaven.  (Matthew 18:3)


  1. Truly an awesome lesson for all of us through the eyes and heart of the young!

  2. This is so moving!! I have tears in my eyes. What a wonderful family you have, so loving and giving without hesitation. -Gina

    I found your blog from the FB Catholic bloggers group. :)