Saturday, February 15, 2014

Home Sweet Home

God provided us with the perfect house for our family and included a few of the modern conveniences that we thought we'd miss the most---a real stove/oven, hot water, and a yard.  He even threw in a few extras like nice beds, cool looking bamboo furniture in the living room, a large refrigerator with a small freezer, a garden, and a beautiful spot to drink coffee and have morning prayer!

Avinca Village:  Blue house on the corner
(That's what we say to the motorella driver to get home.

Who wants to come over for coffee and morning prayer?

Beautiful garden of greens already planted for us!
(Too bad I only recognize the green onions!  But I'm learning!)  

Our Living Room

Dining Room across from Living Room

Very Spacious Kitchen
With large (for here) fridge and four burner stove (rare here) with oven (extremely rare here)

 Comfort Room (CR)  aka the Bathroom
Three small separate rooms

Stairs up to the top level:
Master bedroom and girls bedroom

Master bedroom

The girls love their new turquoise dresser!
Girls bedroom:
Pullout bed for Olivia

Isaac's Camo Room

Philip's Camo Room

The boys' rooms are down in the basement.  Don't feel sorry for them...they are the coolest rooms in the house!

For two weeks the neighborhood kids have lined up like this along our fence. They were too shy to come into our yard to play. And ours were too shy to go out to play. 

Today, our kids finally made it out the gate to play in the street with the neighborhood kids (after I forbid them to play ball under our carport.  Moms have to get drastic sometimes!).  They had so much fun!  


  1. That is the cheeriest home ever! I love it! Yall are blessed!

  2. This is a beautiful house, so airy and bright. I love the colors.

  3. Very nice place for your stay there!!!! enjoy and continue to share the love!!!

  4. So happy to see your new house looks very "homey." Just goes to show that you can make a house a HOME anywhere. Y'all have each other, that's what home is. Give the kids a hug. Of course, I'm sending one for you and Travis too. :)

  5. Why, I'd LOVE to come for coffee and morning prayer! Especially in that delightful gazebo!