Monday, May 13, 2013

Seilhan Family Missions Update

Selling, cleaning, and packing.  That's what we have been doing for the past two weeks.  Almost everything is sold and just waiting to be picked up this week.  The house is beginning to echo which the kids think is kind of cool.  We all still have beds for now, but the kids are very anxious for them to be picked up this week, so that they can sleep on the floors.  If we'd have known they preferred a sleeping bag or mattress on the floor to a bed, we could have saved a lot of money a few years ago!

We are waiting on the final word from the Mortgage company and for the title work on the house to be completed, so that we can close in the next few weeks.  Our tentative move date is May 25th.  We'd like to be settled at Big Woods before Family Missions Company's "Come and See" which begins on June 5th.  Anyone interested in seeing and learning about mission life? "Come and See!"

With all the "craziness" going on here, I do not have the time to blog weekly about our journey like I promised.  But we did create a Facebook page just for our mission work.  It's easier to post a quick status update than to sit down and type up an entire blog post.  If any of you are on Facebook and would like to follow us there for more timely updates, you can click here and then "LIKE" Seilhan Family Missions page.

Again, we are truly grateful to all of our friends, family, community, and those of we from afar that we do not know, for all of your support and prayers!  Please continue to pray for us as we get closer to actually leaving everything behind.  And know that we pray for all of you daily.

The Seilhans

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  1. Just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for The Very Inspiring Blogger award! Your family is amazing! I'm glad I found your blog! Looking forward to following your journey!