Sunday, July 22, 2012

Challenge Accepted

Once again we packed up and headed out for the week.  We've been doing that A LOT lately.  Last summer after traveling with the swim team every weekend, we vowed that "Next summer, we are staying put!"  Yeah, well that didn't seem to be in God's plan for us.  I can imagine him laughing as we said that last summer knowing what He had planned for our family this summer.  It seems that each time we say "not", we end up "doing" a 100 fold.  God had already led us on a mission trip to Mexico, a mission trip to New Orleans, and to North Carolina for three baptisms and a marriage blessing.
This past week was spent in Abbeville with the Family Missions Company.  The two boys attended their week long camp called Faith Camp aka Best Week of Your Life.  I signed up to be a Kitchen Mom/Runner for the week, and the girls tagged along as my "helpers."  Travis came to meet us each day after work and was a Dad on Patrol at night after lights out.  We stayed at Our Lady of the Bayous, an old Dominican convent that FMC now owns and uses as a retreat center.

Even though we were behind the "scenes" most of the time, we did get a glimpse of the spirit filled week.  It was amazing to see this camp, mostly run by teenagers and very young adults, in action.  It was awesome to witness those faith filled young people leading the junior high kids closer to Christ each day.  Adoration on Wednesday evening was very emotional for me as I literally watched some of these kids transformed by Christ right before my eyes.  By the end of the evening, every kid was on their knees with eyes fixed on Christ and singing praises from the depths of their hearts.

On Friday, I was able to hear some of the middle schoolers testimonies before they left.  It was so wonderful to hear the young girls speak about now knowing their true beauty and not the fake beauty society demands from them and about embracing modesty.  The young boys also touched my heart when they got up and spoke with passion about having met Jesus during the week and learning how to pray.  Some of the leaders of the camp then reminded each one of them that they had been challenged that week and that they had accepted that challenge.  They were once again challenged to bring their spirit filled high into the world and not let the world lead them astray.

As I sat and pondered all that was said, I thought about the challenges God has been setting before me and my family.  I wondered if I was truly ready to accept them completely and totally.  I didn't have think very long.  The next speaker was the camp coordinator.  In his challenge to the parents, he confirmed and reaffirmed everything that we had been praying about, everything we felt in our hearts, and everything we wanted for our family.  I knew that I had accepted the challenge long ago.

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