Monday, June 4, 2012

Pentecost Mission Trip: Day 2

The Mission House

After about 20+ hours in the car, we finally arrive in General Cepeda, Mexico at the Mission House.

We were greeted by the Alvarez Family.  They showed us to our room on which they had hung a very cute little welcome sign for us.

We had been assigned to the newest addition to the mission house-a small "apartment" with two bedrooms, a kitchen sink, and private bathroom.  It was perfect for our family.  It was the room Travis had hoped and prayed for after seeing pictures of the mission house ahead of time.  We had wanted to be altogether in one room.  Thank you, Lord, for small blessings to make us more comfortable.

We unpacked our things and then headed down stairs to look around the rest of the house. 

The large dining room (tables along both sides)

The smaller dining room
The part of the kitchen
The room that we gather in for meetings and prayer

The courtyard in the center of the house

After touring the house, the bell rang for lunch/supper.  We gathered in the prayer room for the blessing and then sat down for our first official meal in Mexico.  It smelled delicious!  FMC hires some of the Mexican missionaries to cook for us the entire week.  We were treated all week to homemade tortillos and authentic Mexican cuisine.  (No Taco Bell!)  I could have lived on the homemade salsa all by itself!

Later, the bell sounded again for evening prayer.  As we began to sing praises, I became so overwhelmed with emotion.  I thought back on all the obstacles we had to overcome for this trip---the discernment process, worried family/friends, fundraising projects, the passport fiasco, the long drive, etc.  I realized that it was all worth it to be "here in this house, with these people, praising God at this moment."  I knew that we had been put to the test and that we had passed.  This was our reward.  I knew that the week would only get better.  I just didn't know how good it would get!

Finally, it was time for bed.  We climbed the stairs to our very hot room and opened the small windows to let some cooler air in.  The girls and I took our first missionary style shower (water on, get wet, water off, soap up, water on, rinse off, water off) as quickly as we could.  The boys would have to wait for theirs.  It wasn't "men's day" yet.   We all crawled into our beds and fell asleep listening to the sounds of Mexican singing and dancing in the streets.  It was so awesome!
Day 3

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